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The British Crime Survey

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The British Crime Survey

Post by The_Deadly_Assassin on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:05 pm

Post your thoughts and feelings....:

The British Crime Survey together with official police statistics create a wider understanding of crimes in our country than either one on its own.

Police statistics for the financial year of 2006/2007 provide a confident account of well-reported crimes. Whereas the BCS provide conducted face-to-face interviews that provide an indication of trends in crime that are not reported by the police.

The home office publish crime statistics reports every July.


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Re: The British Crime Survey

Post by Gyroman on Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:26 pm

Here is your reply Deadly Assassin

The British crime survey(BCS) was first carried out in 1982 collecting peoples information about crime from 1981. The BCS is a victimisation study which measures the amount of crime in Wales and England. aswell as looking at all the reported crimes in Wales and England it looks at all the unreported crimes (The dark figure of crime). At first the BCS was carried out every two years but now it is carried out every year. This makes the BCS more efficient.
Ulike earlier years the British Crime Survey provides information about a much wider range of crime related issues such as fraud and technology crimes. The BCS estimated that there were 11 million crimes in England and Wales in 1981.However there were less than 3 million crimes reported by the police in 1981 this group is called the dark figure of crime. The BCS is used to examine the risk of victimisation i.e. the proportion of people and hoseholds who have been victims of crimeas changes in the number of crimes can reglct changes in the number of people as potential victims


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